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The McDonalds LMS, or Learning Management System, is powered by Saba’s SabaNow technology. It is used to bundle training resources, various curriculum, and performance evaluation into one easy to use solution McDonald’s employees and crew members can login to.

While originally intended as a tool for colleges and universities, it has since become a method by which corporations are able to build better workforces.This means a workforce that remains both up to date with their education as well as certified in all food and safety regulations for restaurants in their respective state. It also provides a way to offer certain employee benefits in a way that was previously impossible.

McDonald’s E-Training Done Right

McDonalds human resources has skilfully managed to take advantage of this amazing system by creating their own portal called – AccessMCD. Employees can expect a fairly polished site, focused on maintaining a specific culture among employees. This in part means that training for company specific skills is provided so as to help employees further develop their skills and advance within the ranks which consequently will help in boosting morale.

It also means the ability to streamline the process of teaching future hires and what is expected of them, while retaining current employees through certain benefits. This site also provides employees with information regarding new policies, company announcements, and other internal information. When used properly this site is generally an employee’s best tool and should be visited frequently as there are many benefits for doing so.

McDonald’s University of Hamburger

The renowned McDonalds Hamburger University manager training facility located at Oak Brook, Illinois

The renowned McDonalds Hamburger University manager training facility located at Oak Brook, Illinois

These benefits include, but aren’t limited to the availability of many online classes through it’s training system. Within this system are obvious things like food preparation, proper sanitation and menu support – however there are also things like business management and foreign language courses. These are skills that can be carried forward to any number of other careers. Which is why taking some life saving courses at the Red Cross Saba main website (just choose a certified ARC instructor) is also a very good idea.

And if a person is in the McDonald’s manager training program, also known as the Hamburger University, they have the opportunity to earn up to 46 credits toward a degree at any American college. This is because unlike many other programs, the ACE (American Council on Education) actually recognizes the McDonald’s Education & Training program as an accredited program.

That is a huge differentiation from other corporate training programs such as Subway University and their online training portal for their staff member and partners. That’s only part of McDonald’s dedication to education advancement among their employees. McDonald’s feels that better educated workers will stay with the company longer and are able to provide better customer service.

The McDonalds Manager Training Program

Mentioning the manager program brings up why an employee should frequently access the McDonalds SabaNow site. The number of times a person logs in and the number of classes completed with decent scores is recorded for review by management. Good numbers show a special dedication and that generally ends up paying well in the future for one’s career. Just take a look at Burger King’s employee retention rates, and you will understand why such training programs pay off.

For instance, this is taken into consideration when new management positions open up. Unlike many other chains, McDonald managers are usually selected from the staff already at a restaurant. Even without that – younger workers and those in college can earn significant financial aid via merit scholarship. So this site can be a great boon if used correctly.

A McDonald's Manager enjoying a career path to franchise owner.

A McDonald’s Manager enjoying a career path to franchise owner.

There are four tiers of development for managers:

  1. Shift Management
  2. System Management
  3. Restaurant Leadership
  4. Business Leadership

The first two tiers will focus on the creation and development of effective management skills. They will also cover the increase of business knowledge. The third tier teaches things related to keeping a team to a functional group. That means things like building teams and establishing lines of communication as well as how to make good decisions (this is where Dunkin Brands got its inspiration to create their own online training university for all Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins employees).

The final tier is all about running a successful business. That means looking at various factors like – consumer traffic, neighborhood trends, location, etc. and seeing how to move forward as a company. Of course, that’s only the most basic overview of what is taught to management trainees.

Access McDonald’s E-Learning Saba LMS

Of course, nothing is going to happen if a person can’t even enter the site. Fortunately, it’s very easy to find and access the McDonalds LMS site. A person can search for and enter the phrase “Access MCD lms login” or directly via the URL. Depending on the level of the employee they can sign in with their information from sites like Facebook and Google+. If a person is in management or beginning management training they’ll need to look for instead. It’s the easiest method of gaining entry to the McDonald’s corporate training portal.

Once at the site a person will automatically be redirected to the login page where they will enter their user name and password. This takes users to a home page or hub where they can navigate from to whatever page they need. For those that are bit confused by the options there is a help icon that will bring up an F.A.Q.

Boost Employee Salary Working at McDonalds

This site is a user friendly system primarily intended to help McDonald employee login and improve themselves, their attendant service, cash register usage, and other restaurant positions. It’s secondary intent is to provide employees with informative resources regarding company benefits and advantages. Those who frequent the site are more likely to gain the advantage over those who do not and increase their salary accordingly.

There have been some minor complaints with regard to usage at work due to slow wi-fi and long training videos/modules. That said the McDonalds E-Learning website can be used from anywhere including the home and one’s smartphone. The only thing that needs to be remembered is to turn off pop-ups or enter the site in as an exception on your browser. Overall once you Access McDonald’s Portal you will understand why it is a great site which stands head and shoulders over many similar corporate training offerings.

If you feel a bit nostalgic then enjoy watching this vintage McDonlad’s Custodial training video:

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