Burger King Employee Training Portal – BK Gateway & Login

Burger KingBK Gateway, known as the Burger King Employee Portal, is a specialized online platform developed to train and mentor their ever-expanding staff and franchise crew members. This portal can now also be accessed through all mobile devices such as phones, tablets etc.

This is to ensure that all employees receive constant updates irrespective of time and location. Once you are hired as an employee, you will receive a username and a password for access and login to this website. If you want to work for this fast food company, then it is imperative that you take this program whether or not you have previous experience in the food and hospitality industry.

This gateway to success program plays an integral role in educating staff members about the dynamics of a typical restaurant (a skill that can be later transferred to other fast food online universities, think Subway) as all employees need to work in perfect synergy in order to deliver a world class dining experience.

Hybrid Approach To Employee Training

The Burger King employee training site uses a combination of online and onsite training in order to coach their employees on various subjects such as company protocol, customer service, customer satisfaction and so on. Employees study the information that is published on the portal and utilize it to perform their work duties efficiently.

They have developed the Right Track Training Program for all new employees exactly for this reason. A typical shift at a local Whooper shop lasts for eight hours – while you are still a trainee, you will spend the first half of your shift (approximately 4 hours) watching informational videos and participating in workshops.

The videos cover a vast array of topics such as:

This is how it feels after completing the training course!

This is how it feels after completing the training course!

  • Company policy and procedures
  • Company history and beginnings
  • Basics of work ethics and teamwork
  • Safety & quality control (food safety)
  • Managing the cash register & practice
  • Working at the drive-through window
  • Answering customer queries
  • How to put together a particular menu item (i.e. “How to make the Whopper”)

As you can tell, Burger King is very serious about their training programs as well informed employees enable them to minimize and/or avoid legal suits.

After watching visual presentations and filing the initial papers, the training becomes more interactive. The videos can be compared to attending a theory lecture while the hands-on training that follows is like performing real experiments based upon the concepts that you learnt in theory. New employees are mentored by managers and senior staff members – they practice carrying out simple orders and become acquainted with the general work protocol. After working at this burger company for a while, employees undergo training on more advanced subjects such as food safety and customer interaction. Those who finish advanced training successfully become eligible for promotions and benefits. A tactic well known in the industries as it is used by Dunkin Brands to train their team members as well.

Portal Login Is Mandatory

There are many benefits that come with this job.

There are many benefits that come with this job.

The BK Skillport Gateway includes important information and tips related to store set-up, sanitation and customer satisfaction. Employees are trained on answering customer questions, handling complaints and diffusing difficult situations. Newly hired employees also learn about cleaning broilers, organizing and cleaning the customer dining area, washing dishes, greeting customers and ushering them into the restaurant, interacting with children and performing other side duties.

Regular Burger King employee login is required as employees are expected to know the menu and receive instructions on how to deal with extra picky customers. All employees receive multiple opportunities to gain invaluable work experience that can make them suitable to work at managerial positions and might look good when they want to work as managers for the competition (McDonald’s University comes to mind).

These experiences vary from franchise to franchise but all of them provide some form of benefit.

Access the site is simple. You can go to the www.bkgateway.whopper.com URL directly from your browser from any internet connected device. As mentioned before, tt features a number of other training programs pertaining to number of subjects such as management training to franchise owner training. The BK employee portal developed a 2 week, 440 hour program to ensure that their franchisees excel at all levels of operation. Management training covers everything for one to become success with their career but the three most important ones are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Operations & Profitability
  3. Field Assignments & Delegation

The programs focus on enabling managers to run an entire store and even to preside over several stores in a particular district.

A Gateway To Success

The BK Gateway is a critical tool for becoming a valued employee. It allows employees to learn new skills and prepares them to take over new responsibilities. It enables them to rise through the ranks and ultimately paves the way for a better life.

BK GatewayThere are many benefits to working this company as this is a multi-national conglomerate with a net worth of a staggering $5.564 billion USD. Even team members receive benefits such as discounted meals, 401K saving plans, jury duty, limited insurance benefits, flexible schedules etc. Shift co-coordinators, assistant managers and general managers receive health, vision, dental, life and business travel accident insurance along with several other perks such as paid vacations, tuition assistance, domestic partner benefits and so on.

Keep in mind that Burger King is one of the biggest fast food restaurant chains on the face of the planet, second only to McDonald’s. It has an incredible 11,000 outlets spanning across 65 countries (and growing!) No wonder the corporation is perpetually on the lookout for responsible and sincere employees.

Regardless of which restaurant location you work at you will eventually come across stressing situations such as a robbery. The training program will offer plenty of information and scenarios to prepare you properly on how to handle these cases:

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