Dunkin Brands Online University: Dunkin Donuts Training

Dunkin Brands Online University Headquarters
The Dunkin Brands Group is an international brand that is well known for its popular coffee, donut, and ice cream shops: Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins. With over eighteen thousand restaurants in around sixty different countries, they employ thousands upon thousands of people and uses a unique training program for the promotion, growth, and education of their valued employees.

The Dunkin University

Similar in concept to the University of Subway, all employee training is done through the Dunkin University – a six week course that is aimed at teaching the future owners and managers of their numerous locations the correct way to make every type of donut that is offered and teaches them valuable skills that will ensure their success in the restaurant.

The University was established around twenty years ago and was aimed at ensuring that all of the international locations maintained a high and uniform standard of quality and practice. The course is now online and is overseen by trained instructors to ensure that everything maintains the highest level of quality as is expected by the the parent corporation.

Who is the Training For?

The Dunkin Donuts Online Training program is for all employees at either BR or DD who wish to look at a management position, or who are even contemplating owning their own franchise cafe or or ice cream shop.

The program was set in place to ensure that employees with the drive and potential were given the opportunity, tools, and skills needed to advance their positions and help further their own lives as well as further the company.

What To Expect When Attending Dunkin Brands University?

Training is for both Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins.

Training is for both Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins.

When you hear about a university specifically for a restaurant, especially one that sells donuts, ice cream, and beverages, one may think that it is going to be a walk in the park to complete. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. Dunkin’s employee training program, like other top corporate training programs, requires adherence to the modules, studying, and practice.

Since the program is online, it allows students to study in the convenience of their own homes and at their own luxury. The online course tracks a student’s progress throughout the program and also records all of the data, allowing executives and managers to review how well a student has done and assess their competence.

What Does it Cover?

Since it is focused on providing excellent donuts and beverages to their customers, the online university program is set to help further train employees on these various subjects:

  • Doughnut and drink preparation skills
  • Customer service
  • Store operation
  • Health and safety
  • And more
Trainees enjoying the learning experience.

Trainees enjoying the learning experience.

In addition to learning more about the store, food preparation, and customer service, an employee’s course will also vary slightly based on their current position. If someone was hired as a baker, then their training modules will be more tailored towards their current position, or towards the position they are aiming towards (ie management).

How To Access it

If an employee of is interested in furthering their career with the company, then taking part in this rigorous program is an obvious choice. To do so, simply contact a manager or supervisor to get an account set up and login details (a page taken from McDonald’s AccessMCD). From there, a student simply needs to access the login page here: www.dunkinbrands.com/webuser/login.aspx or www.dunkinbrands.skillport.com and input their login information given.

Once they are logged in, they can begin completing the modules and learning more about the franchise they are working for.

Benefits of the Training Program

Overall, the program is not just for those who want to make a lifelong career out of working at this corporation. An employee should work to advance themselves and educate themselves as much as possible because completing the training programs not only results in a pay rise, but it looks fantastic on a resume for employees applying for higher jobs with the company, or anywhere else for that matter.

Understanding more about how to better care for customers, successfully manage a restaurant (a skill even Burger King appreciates in it employees), and meet all of the health and safety requirements is the primary reason for the program. The Dunkin Brands Online University ensures that you have skills that are immediately applicable to your job and will also serve you well through the rest of your life!

Watch this quick training video for a brief idea of what to expect:

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