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All companies need to make sure that their employees are properly trained and more and more these days companies are taking advantage of the internet for this training. This is certainly the case with the Best Buy Learning Lounge website which was created to provide training as well as a set of employee toolkit (ETK) to both new and current staff on all of the things that they will need to succeed at their jobs.

There are two main areas of focus for the Learning Lounge, the first is to provide the general training on the company and its policies and procedures that all new employees need. In the past your first few days with a new employer were usually spent in a classroom being taught all of this stuff. Now you can do it online from home so that you can hit the ground running on your first day of work.

The Best Buy ETK is Your Toolkit for Success

Once the introductory training is taken care of the main focus is on learning more about the products that Best Buy sells, they expect their staff to be experts on these products. The Best Buy ETK  is critically important for your job, when you are selling electronics, customers will need a lot more help in making the best choice that they can compared with most other products. In general customers are not going to know nearly enough about the products they are looking at to make the best choice. That being the case they are going to rely heavily on the salesperson for help. You can only provide this help if you have the necessary training.

The Learning Lounge can be accessed online from any computer as most employees do their training from home. When you are hired you will be provided with your log in information so that you can get started right away, this will help you to get off to a good start at your new job.

best buy employee toolkit

When you got the tools to succeed, you have fun doing any job!

Employee Training Evolved

In general it uses videos for most of its online curriculum (similar to the American Red Cross Learning Center courses). This saves you having to read a lot of dry technical information when you are learning about products. Most people find it a lot easier to learn about electronics by watching them being used, this is how the videos handle most of the training. To be sure all of the technical information is there as well if you are interested but for the most part you will be able to complete your training using the videos.

Here are three points to remember:

  • While new employees definitely need to spend quite a bit of time learning about the products they are selling they are not the only ones who should be using the training.
  • Even employees who have worked for Best Buy for years can benefit from the site.
  • New products are constantly being introduced making it essential for everybody to log in on a regular basis to keep up to date.

Frequent The E-Learning Lounge

best buy learning loungeNot only will visiting the Best Buy e-learning portal frequently makes you a better employee it can also help you to advance in your career with this electronic and appliance giant. The site keeps a record of how often each employee logs in and what certifications they have completed. This information is used by managers to make decisions on things like pay raises and promotions.

Employees who are consistently working to improve their knowledge will be in a much better position than those who aren’t.

Although the courses are intended to help employees to do their jobs and advance their careers one of the nice things about this portal is that even though you access it from your computer at home you can still get paid for some of the training that you receive. Not all of the certifications that are on offer will be paid but for the longer ones you are normally paid for two hours of work.

Note: As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you are working for US Airways and piloting planes or selling electronics with big blue, corporate education here to stay.

Beyond Best Buy

One last reason that you would want to take advantage of the training that the Best Buy learning lounge offers is that it can be hugely helpful when it comes time to looking for a new job as every companies, including security guard service jobs (like Securitas), requires regular online training via their learning academy, which in the aforementioned company it is called Securitas LMS. The product information that is being taught is actually provided by the manufacturer which means that when you have completed a certification you have a very detailed knowledge of that product. This is the kind of training that other potential employers will be very interested in, making it much easier to find a new job.

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