Jiffy Lube University Online Training Program

jiffy lube universityThe Jiffy Lube University online training program incorporates a number of different modules, and can be accessed by employees on the training scheme, as well as franchisees and other members of staff.

Employees can access the program to learn more about their subject, and contact course tutors and administrators. The program is used in conjunction with classes on-site, and allows for a comprehensive educational experience, combing a number of different educational elements.

An Accredited University

The JLU curriculum is acknowledged by the American Council of Education as material taught at college-level. The program allows students to receive credit that they can then use at a local college to continue their education. This college credit can be transferred to a number of different courses, including various subjects that employees might be interested in studying. The JLU training course is extremely popular and is held in high regards by many previous students.

The top three modules taught on the Jiffy Lube course include:

  1. Management training
  2. Technician training
  3. Customer service training

The program specializes on skills which can be used in a real-world environment, and was set up to simplify the JLU training program.

Login & Access

JLU online training programAccess to the online portal will require you to input your login details and sign into the website. If you are a franchise non-store employee or store manager, a POSNet ID will be needed to be inputted into the username field, along with the number of your store. For more details on how to log into the portal, or for additional information about the curriculum, contact a member of staff from the Jiffy Lube University (JLU) online training program.

The JLU program allows employees to complete their training quickly and efficiently. The JLU is accredited by the ASE, and students can achieve their certification after completing their study. Only a few corporate education programs are accredited, McDonald’s is one of them, so definitely take advantage of this opportunity even if you are not sure you are going to stay with the company for long.

Course Details (But No Answers)

One module, entitled “Empower the Customer – Oil Selection” was included in the course structure, and since 2012, it has been studied by more than 10,000 customer service advisers and managers across the country. The module taught students a number of skills they could use in the workplace, including the benefits of motor oils. These skills could then be used to improve the communication skills between workers and customers, allow customers to make better choices when selecting oil for their cars, and strengthen the working relationship between the employee and the customer.

These type of step-by-step courses are perfect for high school graduate sand other workers that came from a different backgrounds (such as Securitias guards) who rarely worked with their hands.

The module comprised many interactive elements which not only made learning more interesting, but helped students to develop their skills in an innovative way. These interactive elements of the course included role-play with companion instructors. The company also developed a course which used a virtual instructor, and this was used in smaller markets around the country to test before going ahead and rolling out these new course structure into their University.

Training Ahead

Employee in oil change training.

Employee in oil change training.

Jiffy Lube has since developed various other courses and modules, with many different interactive elements. More than 13,000 employees from the company have completed their Team Leader certification in 2012, while 2,622 completed a management certification. 1,400 employees also completed a leadership certification in 2012, an increase in certification level from 25% to 100%.

Jiffy Lube employees are encouraged to take as many courses as they can, regardless of whether it reflects their current job position, in order to achieve certification. The courses taught at Jiffy Lube cover a wide range of different topics, and are taught in a way that is engaging, as well as informative. Employees are also encouraged by course leaders to enroll in modules based on non-technical subjects. Although these courses may not seem like they include information relevant to their current job description, students can garner a number of skills that they can use in their future career.

In fact I know of many former employees with moved on to working on state of the art offshore oil rigs such as Oceaneering’s ROV. It is a very different experience, since many have to stay offshore in the middle of the ocean for months but they seem to prefer it than under the engine of and old car.

Program Benefits

quick and easy oil change.

Quick and easy Jiffy oil change.

Enrolling in a number of diverse modules can also be beneficial in that it proves to course tutors and administrators that the individual is focused on the following:

  • Wants to learn about new subjects
  • Can adapt to new challenges
  • Interested in advancing their career

These skills can be added to a resume, and may impress future employers, potentially securing a student an interview for a job position in a similar industry that they are interested in.

One such example is with US Airways. Even though it might seem like a big difference between maintaining airplanes compared to Cars but at the end of the day if you are good with your hands and don’t mind getting dirty you can definitely learn to do both.  This is evident from the fact that even US Airways has an online learning website named Wings to keep their employees and aircraft crews up to date with new training and course material.

It is also important that students enter the portal and use their Jiffy Lube University login on a regular basis in order to develop their skills and prepare for the future. Employees will be able to converse with course leaders and administrators, and can ask information about the course, as well as the skills that pertain to their current job position and future career development.

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