Oceaneering LMS Training & Employee Access

oceaneering lmsThe Oceaneering LMS training is an online platform for both new hires and current employees. The goal is to provide employees with key knowledge, skills, and also to keep them up-to-date with the company’s latest technologies and safety procedures. Given the nature of its business, Oceaneering employee access is required of all its personnel in order for them to have highly specialized skills.

The LMS plays a critical role in skill development, by providing specific curriculums such as deep water engineering, Subsea Field Development Hardware (SFDH) installation, ROV maintenance, Pipeline Integrity Inspection, and equipment troubleshooting/repair. Such curriculums cannot be received at any other school, college or university because they specifically deal with Oceaneering-developed technologies exclusively.

What to Expect from www.oceaneeringlms.com

The Oceaneering training site is based on the LearnShare learning management system software. The LearnShare LMS is designed to provide both self-led learning and instructor-led learning. So, you can expect to have both self-administered lessons, as well as lessons facilitated by your trainer. The LMS has a graphical interface which is simple, direct and easy-to-use.

oceaneeringWhat sets this learning management system apart is the depth of detail. Given the complexity of machinery which the employees work with, this is expected. However, all the material is presented in increasing levels of complexity. If you are dealing with SFDH for instance then you will begin with a general interview, how it operates, component parts, the internal structure of each part, and so on.

All this is presented with interactive graphics, animations, simulations and videos. You can have lessons, tests, assignments and quizzes. Your progress is recorded, and both you and your trainer can review your performance to track your progress.

Security companies such as Securitas implements similar LMS training programs which has been proven to work very well when managing staff across the world. You might even see a few of their guards in the field as they are often contracted to secure the perimeter.

What Can You Learn

The Oceaneering training site is designed to enable both personal and interactive learning. You can study content, carry out tests and get feedback on your test scores on your own. You can also interact directly with your trainer/supervisor and fellow trainees via Integrated Virtual Classrooms like WebEx or Adobe Connect.

The Hydra Magnum ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) in action.

The Hydra Magnum ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) in action.

You can learn specialized skills such as:

  • ROV troubleshooting
  • Jumper Systems installation
  • Subsea Hardware Maintenance
  • Pipeline Integrity Inspection
  • SFDH Maintenance
  • And many others

You can also learn general skills such as leadership, teamwork, management, communication skills and operational safety. Which is why it is also important to be CPR certified by the American Red Cross (available at the Saba Learning Center) as you never know when you will need this knowledge out in the open sea.

How to Access The LMS

The site is web based which means that it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Every user is given a login ID which they can use to access the platform. All employees are typically required to create a PeopleSoft Employee Number. This number is what is used as the login ID. You can ask your immediate supervisor or manager on how to get this number. As soon as you have the login ID, you can access the LMS from anywhere.

Benefits of Employee Access

The Oceaneering learning management system is the best way of ensuring your personal safety, and the safety of others. As an employee, your work typically involves handling advanced machinery, deadly chemicals, oil and gas. The slightest error can lead to a serious accident which can easily kill you. You have to master all the protocols to ensure your safety.

After all this is not the same training as you get at Jiffy Lube University… changing oil in a car is very different than in an ROV.

Taking the training is the quickest way of enhancing your career. The curriculum is designed to make your more proficient at installing, operating and repairing different types of machinery such as ROVs, SFDHs, HPUs, Stab Plates and so on.

Such specialized skills are not new in these industries as you can tell by US Airlines Wings website which offers the same type of course materiel for their maintenance crew to ensure up to date knowledge and experience regardless of the aircraft they are assigned to.

Employees repairing and running maintenance offshore.

Employees repairing and running maintenance offshore.

You can also acquire these four important skills:

  1. Leadership
  2. Teamwork
  3. Communication
  4. Management

Which are critical for your career advancement. Mastering the different curricula offered via the LMS can set you up for a promotion or pay rise.

Finally, Oceaneering International employees are highly prized by competitors, as well as clients. Those who decide to leave can be snapped up quickly. If you are looking for faster career advancement, learn as much as possible from the LMS. As your skills improve, so do your chances of getting a higher-paying position with another company.

As your skills improve, they tend to raise your pay and improve your job position.

Login Often

If you have an Oceaneering employee access credentials, you should utilize the online training to the maximum. Make sure that you take as many courses as you can. Besides ensuring your personal safety, you will also get into the good books of your superiors. Remember that your progress can be monitored by your supervisors and managers. As a general rule, employers tend to value employees who show a hunger to improve their performance.

By taking the different courses, your will be signaling your employers that you are ready for more responsibility. If you decide to ask for a raise or promotion, you can use your performance in various courses as a frame of reference. In a nutshell, the Oceaneering LMS training site can be your ticket to faster career advancement. So make the most of it!

To watch what you will be trained on and working with during your offshore life, check out this Oceaneering ROV video:

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