US Airways Wings Employee Travel & iLearning Path Website

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Whether you work for US Airways, or whether you are simply thinking of applying for a position with the company you would do well to access the US Airways Wings Employee Travel Website.

Here you can find a ton of information about the company, and most important, further training, that will help you to apply for a position at the outset and continue to make career progress as an employee.

More Than Just For Travel Discounts

In the airline industry training is an ongoing requirement since rules and regulations change and evolve on a continuing basis and what was correct yesterday has often been superseded by a new rule or interpretation of a rule today. No matter what your position with the company, be it air crew, ground maintenance, reception, baggage handling and more, you will always be able to find the latest information that you need on the US Airways Wings Employee website.

You don’t necessarily need to log in every day, but you should check the site out at least once a week in order to keep up to date. The more you know about the company and your job within it, the better your chances of advancement. On the website you can find all the latest information about your particular position, links to the Saba Center online course, which includes American Red Cross video training, or you can simply use the site to research old training manuals and lessons in order to brush up on things you might have forgotten.

US Airways Employee Skill & Learning Development

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U.S. Airways Pilots

If you are a pilot looking to move up to larger or different aircraft you will find all the information you need in order to help you with the advanced training at the hub. As you build up your flight hours more possible positions become available to you and the website will tell you what positions you can apply for when you reach a certain number of hours and skill level. At the same time, when you know what qualifications are needed for a particular job you will be able to undertake the training for it that you require.

There is e-learning material available at the ilearning path sections which is specific to each type of employee. For instance, pilots and flight crew have multiple links for learning, which will be very different from the training useful for ground staff. However, whatever your position you can be sure that you will benefit from keeping up to date with the latest information and developing and honing your skills. If you have been in any of the services you will be familiar with this type of e-learning in any case.

You will also be trained on how to:

  • Alert airport security guards most likely contracted by Securitas
  • Basic CPR provided by an American Red Cross Instructor
  • Handle conflict resolutions scenarios

Access Wings For Everyday Company News

us airways wings figurineIt’s a good idea to devote an hour or two every week to checking in on the areas of the website applicable to your own specialty in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on essential news. In an organization as big as US Airways, with one of the largest fleets among commercial airlines,  there will always be corporate events and news going on that – while they might not directly affect your particular employment – are nonetheless things that you should know about if you want to progress with the company.

On the Human Resources tab you can check up on the latest rules and regulations for working within the company and you can also do things such as file a complaint if you are having a problem, or find out what you should do under any given set of circumstances. If you have a problem with a work colleague, or if a colleague has a problem, there will usually be an answer on the website; if there isn’t, you can file a complaint, or ask for specific information and the Human Resources department will then be able to investigate and supply you with an answer.

Travel Perks Are Included

Remember also that as a US Airways employee you get travel perks second to none. For a nominal fee you can have first class flights to almost anywhere you wish and the website will allow you to see what is available and how it fits in with your holiday plans. After all, if you are working in the travel industry it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunities to visit not only major tourist centers, but off-beat places as well.

Make full use of the US Airways Wings Travel center. There is a wealth of information about the company and your place within it literally at your fingertips; it is there for you to become a better and more successful employee and reach whatever heights you wish.

Soon you will be part of the graduation class!

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