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Corporate training programs have a number of benefits when it comes to furthering your career prospects, and can provide you with the skills and training you need to embark on a successful role within a company. You will be able to garner real-world experience in your chosen job field, and can even use the skills you have learned for future work opportunities.

Depending on the program, you will receive a salary when training, as well as benefits and bonuses. These schemes can last for several months up to a number of years, and once you have completed the course, you will be able to work in an entry-level position within the company. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of a corporate curriculum, with focus on the career opportunities they provide.

Benefits of a Corporate Education

You will be able to garner a new set of skills that will prove useful when applying for positions within the company, such as communication techniques, time management, and customer service skills. Not only will you be able to use these new skills within the company, but undertaking a training program will look great on your resume, and might impress employers when you are applying for other job vacancies in the future. You will also learn how to work well on a team, and how to solve problems when under pressure – two skills that are essential in almost any workplace.

employee skill developement - CopyOther skills include how to organize your time properly so you get the most out of the working day, and how to assume leadership, the latter of which could prove useful if you are hoping to get an entry-level managerial position once you have completed the course. The program will also outline the things you can do to reduce the overheads of the company, and how to make the business more successful. These skills will depend on the type of industry you are working in however.

There are a plethora of other benefits to a training program, such as broadening your skill-set and learning how to think critically. You will also be able to make new friends, meet new people from a wide range of backgrounds, and study under the direction of tutors and teachers who are experts in their field.

Top Online Corporate Training Programs

  • American Red Cross

    Run on the Saba LMS platform, the American Red Cross Saba Learning Center is the online training and education portal for both Red Cross instructors and volunteers. It is the main site for those who want to become ARC certified in a life saving skill, or simply take emergency response courses, for better preparedness in challenging situations. With the help of Saba’s learning management software, the American Red Cross was able to achieve just that. At the Red Cross, saving peoples lives is not taken lightly and having a network of instructors who keep track of their training classes (such as CPR, first-aid, etc…) and course schedule is crucial, so any technological advantage they can get, they will implement.

  • Subway

    It is no simple task to manage the training of 300,000+ people in different countries and different skill levels but with the aid of the University of Subway Doctor’s Associates is able to do just that.  With one of the most prominent corporate Universities, Subway University is the online training destination for all Subway Partners and franchise employees. In there, employees can start their orientation and on-boarding process by introducing them to “The Subway Way” and learn what it means to becoming a Sandwich Artist. Available 24/7 and around the world in different languages, the University of Subway online training portal is often awarded for it innovative approach to implementing technology within their course curriculum in an effective yet simple way.

  • McDonald’s

    Having such a standing only means you need a quality team to help you manage and run your corporate learning management system (LMS). This is why McDonald’s LMS is powered by one of the top learning platforms: the Saba LMS. By using the SabaNow as their AccessMCD login portal, McDonalds is able to to focus on quality courses and class modules to better train their employees worldwide. When your crew member and manager training program is recognized by the American Council on Education and is worthy of college credit, you know you are doing something right. Very few corporate education programs are given this recognition, so it goes without saying when you work at McDonald’s, you actually do get a college education.

  • US Airways

    There are many positions available at US Airways. Besides the usually corporate jobs they true life of the company are the pilots, maintenance crew, aircraft engineers, stewardess, and even custodial workers. However, regardless of your position with the company, US Airways Wings employee website is the main education, training, and travel benefits center that is mandatory to use for proper US Airways related standards and policies, as well as air fare discounts and travel perks that can easily be obtained directly from this website. For a corporation as large as they, and in an industry as complex as this, US Airways has done a great job setting up this one stop portal to be comprehensive and informative.

  • Dunkin Brands

    Powered by Skillport technology, Dunkin University is the umbrella training facility for both Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts. One of the requirements of being an international brand is having uniformity among all of your locations, and this multi-nation corporation is no different. Whether its perfectly brewed coffee or deliciously glazed doughnuts, attention to quality and detail is one of the main curriculum taught to all employees, regardless if one is a baker or at the from serving to the customer. Additionally, Dunkin’s intense training program is setup for making employees who show potential into restaurant managers, so there is no wonder why Dunkin Brands online university is part of our top corporate training programs.

  • Securitas

    There are many ways to train and become a security guard but there is only one security company that stands out more than any other organization with their intensive and high standard online curriculum to not only maintain proper certifications withing the security industry, but to also teach them new skills and future learning material to better prepare them for any threat or scenarios they would have to deal with when on the job. With the formation of their online learning academy, the Securitas LMS does this like no other corporate learning portal and is able to reach their many employed personal throughout the world with their own set of standards and requirements depending on the region and company their are employed to protect.

  • Best Buy

    This electronics giant gets a lot of criticism for not having enough knowledge employees staffed at its big box stores. However, in the past few years Best Buy as listened and made huge investment in their employee training, including revamping their e-learning offerings and providing their Best Buy employees with proper tools and resources to better educate and train themselves on not only the products and services the company carries, but also on how to better serve the customer and the community they serve. This is all possible via the new Best Buy learning lounge website which includes the Best Buy Employee Toolkit (ETK) mentioned above as well.

  • Oceaneering

    Working offshore for month on end can be a daunting task. But luckily for us, Oceaneering employees are made of tougher stuff than us, and they know it. That’s why the Oceaneering LMS training website was setup such that employee access for the offshore crew would be easy and they would not need to dock back to continue their education or learn on new updates for their equipment. With access to the latest ROV and other machinery courses, the crew can keep learning and refining their skills regardless of their location. Powered by PeopleSoft’s technology, this LMS was implemented perfectly to handle large videos and technical material with an easy to navigate structure.

  • Jiffy Lube

    There aren’t that many corporate universities that are accredited by the A.C.E. in which you are able to gain college credits once you have completed the curriculum and received your certification. Jiffy Lube University has just such a program and it is a rigorous one. Besides learning the needed car mechanic skills to change motor oil, filters, belts, and other common parts today’s automobiles need to run smoothly and efficiently, Jiffy Lube’s online training program offers management courses as well as customer relations courses that need to be passed with excellence before you can start working in any of their auto shops throughout the country.

  • Burger King

    Just because you are not the largest fast food burger company in the world does not mean you do not have a world class training portal for your employees. Just one glance at the BK Gateway website and one can see that Burger King’s employee training portal is just as advanced technologically and thorough in its course offerings as their competitors. Their program might not provide college credits, but completing the program sure does make one feel confident they can handle any position within the company.  Skillport has done a great job facilitating their online platform portal and providing plenty of features to accommodate all skill levels without much complications.

Tailor made to Your Job

When starting a training program, it is imperative that you understand exactly what it is you are training for, and what benefits the program will have on your career. Find out what position in a company you will be able to apply for once you have completed your training, and whether the skills you will learn pertain to your chosen career field. The modules taught in a corporate curriculum will depend on various factors but will often cover the structure and history of a company, as well as the policies of a company. Other subjects that may be covered include diversity training, health and safety, and employment law. Take some time to look over what the program covers, and how many hours you will need to study for.

Corporate education programs also differ in the way they teach their modules. For example, some programs may include group work, as well as one-to-one teaching. Others may incorporating video tutoring, as well as practical work. You will need to choose a training program that incorporates a type of study that best suits you, and a course you will be able to commit to.

Your Time on Their Dime

choosing a corporate training program

Choosing the right e-training program.

You will need to consider the time and effort of the training program, and how this will benefit you in the long run. If you want to work in a particular field, and the only way to gain an entry-level position is through a corporate education program, weigh up the pros and cons of studying on the program before you make your application. Ask yourself what you want to get out of the program, and what the advancement potential is. Will you be able to apply for a managerial role within the company 6 months after you have completed your training? Or will it take longer? Speak to course tutors and read through the website of the training scheme to find out the answers to these questions.

Online Training is More Convenient

There has been a trend in recent years for companies to introduce online corporate training programs, which have a number of benefits over the traditional model. Students can study in the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them, and can converse with course tutors via by email or an internal messaging system. Some of the biggest companies in the country have either introduced online elements to their corporate programs, or only offer online training courses. This is particularly useful for companies who have employees located throughout the country, and enables workers to study modules in a “virtual classroom” and make use of the latest technologies. Online programs are popular with workers who have other commitments during the working day, and allows them to study for the course in the evening or during the weekend.

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