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After being hired, all Subway partners and employees are required to complete an online training course through the Subway University website. Subway has developed an in-depth training program for every level of employment, although its focus is primarily on the training for entry level employees, better known as Subway’s “Sandwich Artists”.

This is the position that is most often available for new hires, and the training program is a great example of how Subway has worked to properly train their employees. The classes are typically done on the employee’s own time, however the unit manager will normally give a new sandwich artist a deadline for completing the necessary courses and can provide all the answers if you are not sure of anything.

Benefits of Subway Training

The wording in the training introduction makes it unclear whether the classes are mandatory, but this may be because of differences in state laws. It does seem that one of the main benefits of completing the classes is that there is a nominal raise available to employees. In places where the training is mandatory, failure to complete the classes on time could lead to termination, although this was also worded somewhat vaguely in the training. Regardless, it is essential to be properly trained. The course list is extremely detailed and offers training on every job responsibility that a sandwich artist will encounter. I would even recommend taking some CPR classes from the American Red Cross learning center, as that will only help you look better to your managers.

Classes at University of Subway

The main course categories are New Hire Orientation, Food, Cleaning and Maintenance, Equipment, Point of Sale (POS), Safety and Security, and many others. Sandwich artists are expected to be able to complete any necessary task while they are on shift, and the training program reflects this need for a diverse skill set. Within these main categories are classes such as:

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From Subway with Love.

  • The Subway Way
  • Baking Great Bread
  • Food Prep
  • How To Build
  • Cleaning the Customer Area
  • How to Ring Sales
  • Emergency Situations
  • Counting Weekly Inventory
  • Serving Customers With Disabilities.

These are just a few of the classes available in the training program. There is a total of twenty-one and a half hours of training, however it appears that in some cases the unit manager can decide which classes are required before a new hire is given a raise. The classes are also available for refresher study if an employee should need them. Whether or not a new employee is required to complete all the classes, it is a good idea to do so. The training is very helpful and will make it much easier for you to do the job well. Just ask McDonald’s employees who regularly use the AccessMcD website to keep up with the ever changing restaurant procedures and rules.

Steps for Partners at Subway to Login

Once a new employee has been hired, they can login to the training by going to The unit manager will issue a login id and password, which the employee will need to enter on the main page. On the next page, the employee can click on the main category that they need to complete classes in. From there they can select the specific class they need to complete. The classes all have a specific amount of time in which they need to be completed. The times range from five minutes to one hour, so it is important for a new hire to budget time as needed.

Subway Partners 24-7 online portal loginNote: While the classes are typically done on an employees’ own time, there are often computers available at the store (sometimes called a Training Unit). If a new hire would like to use a Training Unit, they need to schedule that in advance with the Training Unit Manager. There are set times that the Training Units are available and this should be taken into consideration when setting up a training schedule.

Training Besides Sandwich Artists

Even though it’s focus is primarily on the training for sandwich artists, Subway University answers to more than just that, as it provides training for management positions as well (similar to what Dunkin University offers its employees). The training for a Unit Manager comes to a total of forty-eight hours. An Area Director/Director of Operations can expect to spend about seventy-one hours on training. And a Multi-Unit Owner typically spend around sixty-eight hours on training classes. This training is used for new hires as well as those promoted into management positions.

Subway Partners portal focus on training, along with their attention to detail in the training program, has clearly worked well for the company. They are consistently ranked among the top ten franchises for their corporate training (see our main homepage for a list) and have global recognition for their online program. This would not be possible without well trained and attentive workers at every level of employment, from sandwich artists to franchise owners. Check out this video for more information:

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